Shared Resources

Lending Libary

At Avon Valley nursery and pre school we understand the importance of reading in your little one’s lives. We are huge believers that reading books and listening to stories at a young age will support your child throughout their life.

We have our very own Lending Libraries based in the reception area so that you and your child can explore a whole range of books. When your little one is ready for a new reading adventure, simply bring it back and swap it!

Experience Bags

Here at Avon Valley Nursery we feel that having a wonderful working relationship with our Parents and Families is the key to supporting our Children in their journey through early childhood. We recognise that navigating the world we live in at such a young age can throw challenges and require extra guidance and support. Therefore we have developed our “Experience Bags” to help Parents and Families over come challenges and prepare children for transitions. We have many “Experience Bags” for our Children and Families to access, from “Going to the Dentist” and “Moving House” to “Biting”, “Grief”, “Military Deployment” and many more. These “Experience Bags” often include stories, resources, toys and games to enable Parents and Families to talk, play and guide their children the transition or challenge they are facing! Our Parents adore the “Experience Bags” with one Parent stating: “The grief experience bag was of immeasureable help to me when my daughter lost her Grandmother and I my Mum. We were all lost and to have the support of the Nursery and the resources in the bag helped us to find ourselves together as a family!”