Makaton is a visual tool used to support children with speech and language and expressing themselves.

It can help support children with a variety of additional needs or children who are have English as an additional language to communicate with others. Makaton has been know to help with cleft palate, Autism. Global Developmental Delay and many more.

Our staff use Makaton day to day to encourage all children’s communication, by using signage in addition to words to help develop childrens understanding. This enables all children to communicate with each other whether they are verbal or non verbal. Makaton helps children to communicate their choices, share their interests, wants and needs. It is a way to help verbal and non-verbal children feel included in day to day activities.

We find Makaton has a positive impact on children’s learning, and links to Communication and Language – a prime area of the EYFS and childrens foundations for development.

Each setting has a Makaton sign of the week, linked to the theme to help broaden childrens vocabulary and link new words with topics. This can be used in partnership as parents can copy the sign and use it at home, to keep consistency for the child.

Makaton can help staff to build a bond with the children and their families as we use it to and also continue our home learning for the children and families.

If you would like to find out more about Makaton, please visit the Makaton charity website.